A wide range of investigations in Serum chemistry, Hormonal assays & other specialized chemistry procedures are provided.


The Haematology section is equipped with two automated cell counters. Here we deal with various blood banking procedures, detection of parasites in blood, rapid malaria test, detection of abnormal haemoglobin, detection of bloodclotting system defects & numerical and morphological counting of the blood cells among others.

Clinical Pathology

The laboratory carries out various tests for urine, stool & body fluid analysis such as spinal, synovial & pleural fluid. In addition, microscopic detection of red cells, pus cells, ova or parasites & chemical examinations are also done.


Gynecological tests such as PAP smears for cervix.


This section is responsible for bacterial and fungal culture from appropriate sample from patients and providing reports antibiotic susceptibility.


Testing for infectious diseases such as typhoid fever, brucellosis, dengue, micro albumin is performed here.